Celebrating him!

Funny, Clever and Brave...
Irreverent, Naughty and Rather Kind...
Loved and missed
Laughter is good. We all know that.

Knowing how to make people laugh and forget sweating the tedious small stuff for a little while is better yet!
It brings a kind of relaxation to the face -
and spirit!
Rob could do that...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

From our private blog - 'In My Dreams'

Rob sometimes had a gift for finding exactly the right words. I thought he wrote this poem himself at first, so resonant was it - and of course he did sleep within 30 yards of the English Channel, where ships glimmered constantly on the horizon.

(The view from his flat was wonderful - a 180 degree panorama of sea and sky - it was like living on the edge of the world I thought.)

Friday, 16 October 2009

To let you know

This is to let you know
That there was no moon last night
And that the tide was high
And that on the broken horizon
Glimmered the lights of ships, twenty at least
Like a sedate procession passing by

This is to let you know
That when I'd turned out the lamp
And in the dark I lay
That, suddenly piercing loneliness
Like a knife
Twisted my heart
For you were such a long long way away

This is to let you know
That there are no English words
That could ever explain
How quite without warning
Lovingly, you were here
Holding me close
Soothing away the idiotic pain

This is to let you know
That all that I feel for you
Can never wholly go
I love you and miss you
Even two hours away
With all my heart

This is to let you know
by mutleythedog
at 23:52
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mutleythedog said...
About 1940 by Noel Coward

17 October 2009 00:01
dreamy steamy said...

I'm still up, mainly because you're not here I guess...

20 October 2009 00:37

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