Celebrating him!

Funny, Clever and Brave...
Irreverent, Naughty and Rather Kind...
Loved and missed
Laughter is good. We all know that.

Knowing how to make people laugh and forget sweating the tedious small stuff for a little while is better yet!
It brings a kind of relaxation to the face -
and spirit!
Rob could do that...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

One Year On

This isn't the view from Rob's home in Sandgate - but it might just as well be. Sun, sea and sky, a perfect horizon - always speak his name to me.

I'm still half-expecting any day now to look up and see him walking towards me in the distance with Mutley scampering ahead and straining on his lead, pausing for a quick wee or three along the way. I'd see that tall independent man, shy but confident, with the most beautiful smile - coming along at his own pace, enjoying his surroundings and taking it all in quietly, as ever.

And if that did happen, I'd just hold him very tight, with no words for quite a long time. Then we'd exchange - Are you OK? Yes. Good. What would you like to do now? Where shall we go? And we'd walk on - while the part of me inside that's broken and empty re-opened and healed up, gently.

Death is part of life and we should prepare for it - emotionally, spiritually and practically - with clear mindedness and good planning. For me, it isn't the end, it just leads to the next bit.

For me now, in my life, grief has led me to see the bigger picture - always. And it's really big. It's all about people, events, feelings and kindness - looking for harmony. I live to look over the top of problems, to be gentle, to be strong, to keep going. I find great contentment in family and friends - in nature - in laughter - in kindness itself.

There just isn't any reason to live any other way.

And I am a richer person for having known and loved Rob.


Ms Smack said...

Amen to that, Kate. A beautiful piece of writing to remember Rob and all that he offered.



BEAST said...

Awwww . I speak for many of his blogging chums .My life has been enriched by knowing him and I dont think I will ever forget him or his Bridport 'Universe'


How beautifully written are your sentiments,Kate.

The sphere is just not the same without his presence,I've noticed.

ladythinker said...

Beautifully written Kate. It has left me speechless.

merry weather said...

Thank all for reading this.
And I wish it wasn't so - Sad!

After reading Rob's friend MJ's great posting I realised I should post some of his best bits maybe - with links to his cyber buddies, people like you -

It could take me a little while(!) - but Bridport Revisited - yes - why not -